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The Ensis loudspeaker fully embodies the Octagon philosophy. It is the product of over five years and many thousands of hours of research and design by the Aequo Audio engineering team. The result delivers qualities in high-end sound reproduction to satisfy even the most critical listeners. But most of all, it ensures long hours of listening pleasure, enchanting you with the music you like best. Any music.

Demonstrations of its capabilities have astounded high-end enthusiasts by its virtually unlimited low frequency response, soundstage, imaging, dynamics, precision, cleanliness, in any room and with a wide range of amplifiers.


The Ensis specified by

the Octagon Philosophy

Size and Form

A unique and modest size floor standing speaker built by hand out of the finest and most advanced materials. A piece of art that can be highly customized. Beautifully finished in every detail.

Soundstage & Imaging

A time-coherent tweeter with acoustic lens seamlessly integrated in the fully in-phase midbass and subwoofer alignment. Together with a small and low diffraction enclosure they provide incredibly realistic reproduction of the original recording, including a full 3D soundstage and precise imaging over a wider sweet spot.

Room Acoustics

Easy speaker-individual low frequency adjustment works well with both small and large rooms, as well as rich or lean recordings. Technology for the reduction of indirect ceiling, wall and floor sound, and a modest sized elliptical shape enclosure without large reflecting surfaces ensures high compatibility with all rooms.


Absence of bass reflex ports and a small footprint allow easy placement. Sounds right if placed near rear walls (no dipole) and even corners after easy low frequency adjustment. 


Ultra-low distortion drivers with advanced materials and technology and the best in class N-core amplifier, as well as a stiff highly advanced resonance-free enclosure add no audible sound to the music. No more listening fatigue.


All drivers are built to excel in extended clean low frequency bandwidth. Hence smaller and faster drivers are responsible for a larger part of the frequency spectrum. In addition, motors of all drivers have a low induction, low eddy-current symmetric design for super-fast signal response. A low order crossover filter and closed type enclosures for all drivers, ensure minimal group delay in the crossover band. The fusion of these high precicion features together with the ideally balanced stiffness and flexural damping in the midbass cone material, delivers maximum enjoyable resolution.

Amplifier Matching

Easy to drive for all amplifiers: hybrid active system with 500W N-core powered subwoofer, 8 ohms nominal impedance and high sensitivity on the passive side. Your amplifier is relieved from subwoofer duty. Ideal ratio between resolution and damping in the midbass and matching tweeter is sound-compatible with virtually all amplifiers.


The full analog signal path without digital to analog or analog to digital conversion losses are ideal for those who like to keep conversion out of their system (using pure analog sources like phono and analog and pre-amplifiers or high sample rate/DSD sources).



The Ensis is equipped with high linear excursion drivers, including a 10 inch subwoofer, capable of clean sound at high levels with minimal compression and distortion. Extra heavy duty driver motors and advanced materials provide unreal dynamic capabilities, and excel in pure natural sound at low listening levels.

Technical Specifications

Anchor 3

SIZE  |  116 x 31 x 29 cm

WEIGHT  |  25 kg


ENCLOSURE  |  Floorstanding, Closed

FREQUENCY RANGE  |  10-40.000 Hz, *low frequency extension and gain is steplessly adjustable to match room size and acoustics.

IMPEDANCE  |  8 ohms nominal (for all amplifiers rated 2 to 8 ohm)

TWEETER  |  The  Innovative high frequency transducer system is equipped with Aequo Audio's fully symmetric SF40 high frequency transducer for high resolution and very low distortion. It's concentric fabric ring and dome design for extended frequency bandwidth, billet aluminum dispersion cone on carbon fiber rod to eliminate high frequency irregularities and fix the middle dome to eliminate membrane resonances. Enhanced Horizontal Dispersion Lens (EHDL™) ensures 3D holographic soundstage and imaging in all rooms.

MID BASS  |  High self-dampening mineral-filled polypropylene blend cone, low loss surround and suspension and well ventilated built to avoid large excursion compression. Hexacon voicecoil, Kapton-aluminium former. Powerful motor with very low distortion and super-fast Symmetry Drive (patented).

SUBWOOFER  |  10 inch subwoofer with aluminium cone, very low distortion motor with heat resistant anodized voicecoil that can travel 50 mm in symmetric magnetic field for clean and fast dynamics. Active powered and controlled by innovative system with full analog signal path to easy adjust placement and room size and produce a natural deep roll off in the lowest frequencies.

CROSSOVER  |  Passive, balanced, in-phase crossover filter with only high-end capacitators and inductors. Unique filter topology without capacitators in line with the midbass for uncolored signal performance.

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