System setup High End Munich 2017

Last year the Ensis was launched  on the High End show in Munich. That means the Ensis will have its first aniversary. To celebrate this, a special copper plated edition has been made to demonstrate.

System specifications

Sound Galleries SGM 2015 music server
Retail price € 16.000,-

Audiopax Maggiore L50 solid state preamplifier with Timbre Lock®
Retail price € 18.000,-

Audiopax Maggiore M50 single ended tube amplifier, class a1 with Timbre Lock® and 50W+50W 

Retail price € 31.000,-

Aequo Audio Ensis, special copper plated anniversary edition with white matte front

Retail price € 28.800,-

Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speaker cable
Retail price € 5280,-

Tellurium Q Silver Diamond XLR
Retail price € 2120,-

Tellurium Q Ultra Silver Power
Retail price € 1650,-

iNFiNiT! solid wood rack with triple vibration control
Retail price € 9.800,-


All prices are based on 20% VAT