X-Fi Audioshow Veldhoven big succes.

For the X-fi Audioshow Aequo Audio collaborated with Sound Galleries Monaco and the Dutch Mola Mola. The final setup was a beautiful audiophile line-up with the following electronics:

Sound Galleries Monaco music server      € 16.000,- 
Lampizator Golden Gate                             € 18.000,- 
Bespoke pre-amp                                            € 11.500,- 
2 x Mola Mola Kaluga mono block           € 16.000,- 
Aequo Audio Ensis elemental                     € 24.000,-

This show was a special one being close to the homebase of Aequo Audio and more importantly: the first musical performance of the Ensis speakers in the Benelux. The more domestic and cozy atmosphere of the room welcomed visitors into a wonderful haven of high-end sound. The full attending team were happy to receive reactions so consistent in being extremely positive. Two slim Ensis speakers being able to fill the room of 70 square meters with ease, was a surprise to most entering visitors. After the enjoyment of how well the musical message was delivered, the single most heard response of the touched attendees sounded: “best of show!”.

The collaboration with the electronics of Sound Galleries Monaco and Mola Mola also proved to be an absolute success. The flawless DSD512 signal of the new, next-level Sound Galleries Music Server was offered to the tube-equiped top model of Lampizator: the Golden Gate to converted to Analog while evolve in warmth and scale. The signal was then channalled to the passive Bespoke pre-amp to add some audiophile musicality before it was finally gained to full power by Mola Mola Kaluga monoblocks: the newest and latest uncompromised Class D Ncore based amplifier by Bruno Putzeys and Jan Peter Van Amerongen. A beautiful match with the on-board Ncore modules integrated in the Ensis speakers for the active 10 inch lows. A dream-like system which enchanted the most spoiled ears.

Pre-launch Demo

An important milestone for the Ensis loudspeaker project, was its demonstration to the AVMN on March 31st. We would like to thank its members for inviting us and providing Aequo Audio with the best test group possible. The AVMN is a much respected group of 35 audiophile veterans with exceptionally well trained ears. As we were told in advance they would not leave out on an opportunity to criticize the product of subject. We were prepared for every possible feedback, even if harsh or negative in nature. After the first song played... A big applause! A thing only to happen every other year according to one of the attendees. With every new played song and our presentation going deeply into applied technologies, the enthusiasm grew only larger. Some of the short comments we received on the performance include:

“Unbelievable deep and clean sound coming from such slim and small speakers”


“The best we’ve heard in years!”


“Amazing how such small speakers can completely fill a room of this size full of people, and still throw out a perfect soundstage”


“From the time the first track started I closed my eyes and have been drifting away ever since, an absolute superb achievement!”





We would like to thank all members of the AVNM for the heartwarming welcome of our new Ensis loudspeaker and the more than clear confirmation of its musical qualities.

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