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Dutch Audio Event

This year in the spotlight: Stilla. We will demonstrate both a full-active and  a hybrid version. Driving Stilla will be the amazing Vermeer Audio Two, functioning as DAC, a CAAS Elysium Pre II and Elysium 100 monoblocks. 

Stilla: specialist in difficult rooms

The interplay between room and speaker are an incredibly important factor when trying to reach the best results in sound reproduction; an aspect that the engineers at Aequo Audio have been very aware of in the design of Stilla. Stilla has a special acoustic EHDL-lens that makes sure the reflections on the floor and ceiling are minimized. The reflections on the speaker itself are minimized by the use of rounded edges, rounded sides, plus a layer of special absorbing felt on the front. The most powerful weapon is definitely the unique analogue room adjustment system.

Analogue Room, Placement & Extension Control: ARPEC

The active low runs through a completely analogue signal path, where the ARPEC-system listens along with the incoming signal on its way to the passive filter. From that signal, a very low voltage signal is taken and amplified with 500W Ncore amplification per speaker, giving it almost limitless reserves: fully adjustable to room size and placement with to dials on the speakers itself.

Amplifier can be selected on character

The reproduction is comparable to enormous passive loudspeakers that are uniquely matched to the room. Very different than with DSP speakers, where there is always a delay in the signal on the active low in comparison to the passive part, plus there can be a loss in signal quality due to the double D/A conversion. With the ARPEC system, Stilla is capable of reaching a perfect natural and coherent bass in, even in difficult rooms. The amplifier of the system can again be selected on its character, instead of being able to drive difficult loudspeakers.

Full-Active Stilla

Stilla is next to the standard hybrid version with active bass with passive mid/high section, also available in full-active. With an extra 100 Watt amplification on mid and tweeter (600 Watts in total per speaker), concluded by reviewers to being very similar to amplifiers being almost tenfold the extra charged price. Budget that now can be spend on other system components, reaching an even higher level of reproduction. 

Come and experience Stilla for yourself. We kindly welcome you during the weekend of the 7th & 8th of October in:

Room 8

at the Dutch Audio Event, Koningshof, Veldhoven.

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