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In this era of plastics and mass production, we can’t disentangle our instinct. This tells us we need the warmth and pleasure of what nature has provided the human race for their entire existence. The deep blue of oceans and green of fresh leaves. The touch of real wood and it’s unique patterns formed over years and years of natural growth. Even the pleasant scent of wood, comforts us and makes us feel at home. No wonder that the art of woodworking has renewed élan of true craftsmanship in north west Europe. At Aequo Audio it is all about the bond between the craftsman and his products of nature, when selecting the best materials. Skilled hands going over the

surface of the wood while inspecting differences in each piece of raw material, evaluating usability and measurements. Selecting the most beautiful matching patterns in real wood veneer for the most beautiful loudspeaker cabinets, built by hand in our workshop. Working with wood based on years and years of experience and with love and empathy for this material’s arbitrary behavior. After installation, the new owner will instinctively repeat the process of hands going over the wooden surfaces, and instantly share in our humble proud of having this fusion of nature’s, and the craftsman’s, finest work.

Tree trunks have stiffness to weight ratio’s in its growth direction almost impossible to match by synthetic materials. Aequo Audio uses many parts CNC milled from aerospace specified billet aluminum, anodized for optimized thermodynamic capabilities where needed. Brainport, with Eindhoven at its heart, has become one of Europe’s prominent high-tech regions in recent years. Not just a place on the map but a state of mind. This is the Brainport philosophy, a unique form of collaboration that lays the foundation for open innovation: sharing knowledge to multiply knowledge. Aequo Audio finds itself in the center of this region and represents the qualities of Brainport by its staff, suppliers, products and innovative approach to the future. Read more about this at our Technology page.

Metals found in the soil of our earth have now become a luxury and are often replaced by plastics aswell. But when holding products made of solid billet aluminum instead of plastic camouflaged with metallic paint, we instantly associate it with quality and robustness. Aequo Audio uses many parts CNC milled from billet aluminum, anodized for optimized thermodynamic capabilities in our systems including the beautiful octagonal rotators. These are then checked by our quality control with equipment normally used for the measurement of precision parts for the high tech (chip making machine) industry in the region. We make sure to provide constant quality of the highest standard in all our available products.

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