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All those passive-speaker-lovers seeking for deep-sea bass, emotional impact, a wide open transparent sound, and densely palpable projections in an extended full-venue landscape, have to look no further. They will be in for a bold, thrilling, and never fatiguing experience, in which they will be fully transported to the venue of the recording. A powerhouse of a speaker with performance potential never before possible at its price point.

Ground breaking.


A Nano-glimpse of what is coming

Adamantis is breaking the barriers of anti-vibrational sciences. The cabinet is completely cast from a Nano-tech based acoustic supermaterial, developed by the engineers of Aequo Audio, called: Diluvite. Super stiff, super high damping, and it has the same high damping (no own material specific resonance) measured from 1 to 100.000 Hz (!). This breakthrough Nano material is pushing boundaries in anti-vibrational performance like never before.

A zero resonance cabinet equiped with the same holographic EHDL tweeter system as Ensis,  ensuring the praised 3D walk-about soundstage, a lightning fast midrange and the Ensis 10 inch woofer with a front gated bass-reflex tuned at 20 Hz.


This is one paradigm shifting loudspeaker indeed.



Adamantis_4a_octagonroom v3.jpg

DESCRIPTION  |  Passive three-way, three-driver, floor standing loudspeaker. Front reflex port.

SIZE  |  115 x 46 x 42 cm

WEIGHT  |  Approx. 80 kg per speaker

SENSITIVITY  |  88db at 4 ohm nominal (minimum impedance: 3 ohm).

ENCLOSURE  |  D I L U V I T E NANOCAST-MMC™ + inserts of D I L U V I T E NANOCAST-PMC™ assembled with eleven big high-tension bolts. Multi-polymer finishing-panels. Totally resonant free operation and perfect time alignment. Horn loaded 20hz reflex port close to floor.

FREQUENCY RANGE  |  18.5 Hz - 40 kHz  (-3 dB in-room response)

IMPEDANCE  |  8 ohms nominal (for all amplifiers rated 2 to 8 ohm)

DYNAMIC OUTPUT  |  Max full range linear SPL >116 dB @ 500 Watt (250 Watt per speaker).

RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER POWER  |  Minimum recommendation of 20 W at 4 ohm nominal. Recommended power >50 Watt. Long term maximum power handling of 350 Watt, but higher peak-power is allowed.

TWEETER  |  The  Innovative high frequency transducer system is equipped with Aequo Audio's fully symmetric SF40 high frequency transducer for high resolution and very low distortion. It's concentric fabric ring and dome design for extended frequency bandwidth, billet aluminum dispersion cone on carbon fiber rod to eliminate high frequency irregularities and fix the middle dome to eliminate membrane resonances. Enhanced Horizontal Dispersion Lens (EHDL™) ensures 3D holographic soundstage and imaging in all rooms.

MID BASS  |  Mega-fast 5 inch Nomex coated paper pulp composite, closed box.

SUBWOOFER  |  Super fast 10 inch subwoofer with aluminium cone, very low distortion motor with heat resistant anodized voicecoil that can travel 50mm in symmetric magnetic field for clean and fast dynamics, ported.

CROSSOVER  |  Low order filter slopes with super wideband phase alignment, made with high quality Danish and German components. Precision value air-coils made on order in a symmetric topology with only audiophile PP (super)-caps and low tolerance Danish super-resistors. Crossover filter is placed in separate enclosure, free from sound and pressure waves.


FEET  |  Three M8 spikes are standard. Front spikes adjustable for tilt and/or uneven flooring.

More information soon to be followed...

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