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About us

Aequo Audio was established in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 2012 by a team of six that all share a passion for music and hi-fi. Each member has its own speciality, varying from mechanical design, electronical engineering, acoustic engineering, woodworking craftmanship, assembly, graphic design, to sales and marketing.

We are situated (and all living) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The area of Eindhoven is also known as Brainport: one of the smartest high-tech regions in the world. Our designers and engineers believe in the credo of the region where we were raised: innovation through collaboration, research and technology. 


By placing an emphasis on in-house R&D, smart technical design and high-tech solutions, primarily based on our Octagon philosophy, we create and manufacture smart, graceful and uncompromised loudspeakers for the high fidelity market. 


To get an enhanced ‘musical message’ to a broader audiophile audience and ultimately into the living rooms of all music lovers.

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